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These are photos from the 1950's which Lt. Steve Ramos from the Community Police Unit has in his personal collection. He was kind enough to let me scan them into this homepage to share with everyone.

1953 Ford Police Cruiser This photo was taken outside our police garage on High St in 1954. The siren, blue light, and whip antenna are signs of the times.
Veteran Police Officers This photo was taken in 1952, it shows a group of 30 yr. + veterans of the police department. Their names are on the photo. Notice the "Choker" double breasted uniform.
Traffic Post at N.Main & Bedford Sts Before there was a traffic light on every corner the boys had to direct the traffic. A common site was this style of traffic box at the busy intersections.
Motorcycle Cop Back in the 40's and 50's we had a lot of these motorcycles. This photo was taken outside the police garage in 1952. How'd you like to own this bike today?
Hotel Mullen A testimonial held at the Hotel Mullen for Capt Verville (left of podium) on January 10th 1950. Commissioner Richardson at podium, Chief McDonald right of priest. The Hotel Mullen was a temporary City Hall back in the 60's and 70's. It has since been demolished.
Safety Award Mayor Grant awards Chief Bowers with a Safety Award in October 1953.2ndfrom left Lt Jim Doyle, Safety Officer Ray McGough far right in uniform.
Banquet at the old White's Seated left to right; R Cruedele, C. Lynch, E Morrisette, Capt. Fuller, R Tickle, G Thomas, J Powers, ?, N Jean, W (Whizzer) White, A Thiboutot. Standing left to right; D Faria, ?, ?, ?,G Faria. 1953.
Village for safety instruction This was a model used to teach safety in the schools during the 50's. Maybe you can recall seeing it used.
Old Police Coach This is an old police coach that had been restored and was in a parade on lower Plymouth Ave when this was taken in 1953. Officer Connie Lynch is in full uniform.
Old Police Coach 2 This is another photo of the coach with Police Commissioners Pluke, Manning, and M Faria posing in front of it. 1953.
Paddy Wagon rollover In this photo taken on September 3rd 1955 at the corner of Spring & Third Sts you can see the "Paddy Wagon" on its side. It was struck by the Station Wagon as it passed through the intersection.
John F Kennedy in Fall River On May 30th 1956 then Senator, John F Kennedy was in a parade up Main St in Fall River Mass. To his left is Deputy Chief Ralph Cruedele. The old Enterprise five and dime store in the background. I'm told this photo is unique because President Kennedy never wore a hat.
Recovery of Stolen Safe In this photo Lt Henry Ramos and other detectives recovered a stolen safe and they are carrying it out to their fifty something Caddie. 1956.
Detectives at Murder Scene in 50's Lt Rudolph St Pierre and Lt Henry Ramos of the Inspectors Division examine a pair of scissors (murder weapon) at 714 Davol St. An elderly lady was vicously murdered by repeated stabbing (scissors).
Police Weaponery 1959 Style A display of the police departments special weapons back in 1959. We still have many of these weapons today, however, they have been retired from service. Notice the .45 cal riser machine gun, The line launcher, that had a kick of a 10 guage shotgun. The chrome plated 37 mm gas launcher (very rare).
Special Squads Equipment This is another part of the above display that shows battering rams, halagan tools, and other equipment the squad used for raids.
Retirement party A retirement party for Deputy Chief Raymond Murphy in 1952. At the head table, Det D Sullivan, Dep Chief Murphy, Dep Chief R Cruedele, Chief C McDonald. At the left table (clockwise) Lt R Tickle, Sgt A Campos, Sgt White, Sgt J Doyle, Det N Jean, Ptl R McGough, Det L Prezewoznik, Det W Regan. Right table (clockwise), Sgt J Powers, Det M Morris, Capt N Bowers, Sgt J Avery, partially hidden/unknown, Capt J Crosson, Sgt C Gregory, Det F Assad, Sgt E Morrissette. Det G Thomas.

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