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Twenty years ago, Dep. Chief Raymond Conroy made a report which detailed everyone's assignment. See where everyone was back then. Recognize anyone?

Uniform Division Day Watch This report shows the Officers of the UD Day Watch and their assignment along side their name. Look at how many walking beats we had then.

Uniform Division "A"Watch Nights The Uniform Division Nights is broken down into 2 watches to cover the "first watch" which runs from 4 PM till Midnight, and the "last watch" which runs from Midnight till 8 AM. More of "A"Watch

Uniform Division "B"Watch Nights This is the other half of the night division. More "B"Watch

The Uniform Division of 1976 had a lot more men working the streets as this Division breakdown shows. Note that each "watch" had 10 walking men, 5 two-man cars, and a K-9 Officer. Today we rarely have any two-man cars, only one walking route and we handle more than twice the calls for service that the officer of 1976 handled.

How can this be? Well today we have those Officers assigned to Special Units that more efficiently meet the needs of the public such as Community Police Units, Housing Project Police, Motor Vehicle Unit, Crime Prevention, Professional Standards, most of which didn't exist back then. Our Court Liaison Unit which was always a 1 Officer position now has a Sergeant and six officers to handle the ever increasing Court load. We man these Units with Officers from the Uniform Ranks which very seldom get replaced. Can we use more Officers on the street? Yes.

Our 1st Emergency Response Team The 1st team was created by Chief Henry Ramos in 1976 and was called the "Heavy Weapons Team". Most of the guys are Superior Officers now, and many have retired. I'm the guy in the back row 3rd from the left. My name is Rick Thorpe and I'm now Deputy Chief of Operations, I was a Sergeant then. The guy directly to my right is Lt. Steve Ramos who now commands the Community Police Unit, to his right Lt. Bob McGuire Uniform Day Watch Commander, Just in front of Bob is Capt. Lionel Desrosiers Commander of the Uniform Division, below the Capt. is Ptl Andy Phillips who works the Durfee H.S. All the others have retired. (Check out the "Do" on Joe Cabral (front left).

Heavy Weapons Team in parade dress One of our other duties back then was to march in parades. Here we are posed for a Herald News photo.

Some "Team" members at range Front row, J Phelan, B Mosely, J Cabral, Standing, J Souza (armorer) D Pare, A Phillips, R Miller.

CSO Officers 1972 left to right, Sgt. R Briand, J Furtado, E Benevides, J Costa, M Dumont, R Anselmo, Lt J Merrill, B Estrella, N Barboza, C Smith, E Mello, Sgt L Ferreira.

Police at Herald News Strike Police respond to the Herald News to calm a disturbance among strikers.

Police Academy 1971 front, unknown, W Cyr, P McElroy, Capt Conroy, M Rogers, unknown, unknown, rear, R Leite, R Thorpe, E ?, J Mullen, J Ruggerio (killed in the line of duty), F McDonald, R Anselmo.

Police Academy 1973 front, R Heyes, J Chepren, A Sherman, D Conroy, E Oddi, E Oddi, R Marzilli , T Giunta , middle row, P Paul, W Ryan, A Silvia, D Pacheco, K Nowell, G Rapoza, B McCabe, R Stebins, rear row, G Cyr, R Merrill, R Howell, J Fottler, C Sequiera, J Baptista, J Rossi, R McGuire.*

* Thanks to Timothy G. for hellping fill in the blanks on the 1973 police academy list.

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