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Special Operations Unit

Success Through Education and Enforcement

Established July 2007

The Special Operations Division (formally Community Policing Unit) works daily with neighborhood associations, businesses, the school department and the housing authority. Our officers are charged with identifying current and future neighborhood problems, gathering intelligence, preventing gang violence and recovering firearms in the city. Special Operations officers are highly motivated and committed to accomplishing the goal of improving the quality of life for the citizens of Fall River.

The Special Operations Division accomplishes its goals by implementing a two-pronged approach: education and enforcement. Most of our enforcement activities coincide with aggressive foot and saturation patrols in targeted neighborhoods. Our officers recognize the need to get out of the patrol car and address the issues in a particular neighborhood while on foot.
We recognize that crime is unfixed and can move from one area to another. Therefore, we base our operations on an analysis of when and where crime may occur. No issue is too small or too large for Special Operations.

A recent effort originating in the Special Operations Division is the city's "Broken Windows Program." Intended to ensure a positive environment for residents.  This program allows officers to take action against property owners who may be violating laws regarding the un-kept condition of their property.

The Special Operations Division currently has 9 units consisting of Street Crimes, Housing, School Resource Officers, Environmental Police, Motor Vehicle, School Safety Officer, School Crossing Guards, Crime Prevention and Harbor Patrol/Underwater Search and Recovery. 

Special Operations Division officers are involved in many educational programs such as Teen Police Academy, Anti-Gang Presentations, Dangerous Drug Presentations, Blacktop Basketball, Games Against Gangs and other after-school activities.

In addition, the Special Operation Division participates in numerous federal, state and privately funded programs, such as Shannon Grant Gang Prevention and Intervention of Gangs, Gun Buy Back and Community Development Walking Beat Program.

In its first few years of existence, the Special Operations Division has been a constant presence in all Fall River neighborhoods. These efforts will continue into the future. We encourage citizens to contact us with any concerns or questions at 508-324-2801. By working together, we will reduce the fear of crime in Fall River.

Members of the Environmental Unit

Officer David Lafleur and Brett Kimball



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