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Official Documents

Listed below you will find a sampling of Bulletins, Notices, General Orders, and other items of Interest.

These documents are scanned images of the originals, some have water stains, and are yellowing since they were found a few years ago in a cardboard box in the attic of Precinct #2, which is now the North End Fire Station on North Main St, Fall River.

Wanted for Murder Bulletin Turn of the century Wanted Posted
Notice to Confectioneries
Fireworks Notice  
Application for Racetrack Would you believe there was a race track in Fall River?
Funeral detail for PO  
Pay jobs See it wasn't that bad back then
Uniform Order The Marshal tells the men to SHAPE UP
Fall River Police Baseball Team This is a photo of the FRPD baseball team around 1907. The players are unidentified as yet.

Issued Equipment

This is the equipment that used to be issued to all Fall River Police Officers

Police Claws These are two examples of police claws of the time period. The chain claw was wrapped around the subjects wrist and the officer would only have to twist slightly to cause the subject to submit. The second claw was placed over a joint such as a wrist, elbow, or ankle. The handle need only be turned slightly to cause it to close on the joint and the subject usually stopped fighting. These items have not been carried for approximately twenty years in our department but they are still use in some others.
Police Dept Issued Equipment This photo shows a police billy, call box key, and small revolver all of which are FRPD issued of the time period.
Police Handcuffs These are FRPD handcuffs of the late 1800's-early 1900's. These handcuffs may have been used on Lizzie Borden.

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